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Bio: Our History
Hangzhou Dingxin Technology CO.,LTD as the leading technology provider with over 7 years of experience, brings advanced efficiency, reliability and accuracy to customers’ global supply chains with industry leading products, solutions and technologies.
Our Factory
As a manufacturer of RFID hardware, we have complete production line, professional technical support team, rigorous quality-test department and 7*24 hours after-sale service. We accept OEM&ODM service.
Our Product
We provide customized RFID tags and reader module, like RFID Animal Tags, Contactless PVC Card, RFID Wristbands and special tags with various appearance.
Product Application
Our products are used in various applications, such as animal management, personal identification, public transportation, security, e-payment, industrial automation, asset tracking, logistics and supply chain management.
Our Certificate
RoHs,ISO9001, CE, ICAR are main certificates of Hangzhou Dingxin Technology CO.,LTD
Production Market
With many years export experience, we have customers from all over the world, main market in Europe, South American, North American, Russian, India etc.
Our service
We provide 7*24 hours sale and after-sales service, all of our goods have 12 months after-sale quality guarantee. If you met any service or quality problem, you also can contact our manager directly for quick solved answers. His E-mail: 134.2Khz Animal Ear Tag factory
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